What does the 'L.' stand for in "Kris L. Laferriere"?

I wanted to include my mothers maiden name, Leedberg, in the name I published under. My maternal grandparents played a significant role in raising me and I wanted to recognize that. Leedberg is a name unique to my family, as it was first used in the late 1800s by my great-grandfather and great-granduncle following their immigration to the US from Sweden. To the best of my (really, my mom’s) knowledge, there is no other use of Leedberg (spelled that way, at least) outside of our family.

Education was something that was not a guarantee for them. My grandfather did not even make it to high school, and my Nana never graduated. But they supported my education and my interests. I honor them in many ways, but one small way is by including the L. in my publishing name.